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MECANIK® MO1 (Micro Reflex Sight)

MECANIK® MO1 (Micro Reflex Sight)

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Pistol optics are designed to provide the highest probability of hitting on the targets by allowing shooters to focus quickly. The MECANIK MO1 tactical micro-optic reflex sight is designed in consideration of tactical requirements. During the design process, we worked with special operation forces & law enforcement units from all over the world. It is equipped with high-tech features that will crown its unique patented exterior design.

The MECANIK MO1 tactical micro-optic reflex sight TCF (Tactical Concave Face) allows operators to grasp their pistols from the slide more effectively. It also helps to rack their pistols with one hand at the waist band more successfully.

Thanks to the aggressive side serrations, the grip area of the shooter on the slide has been increased.

The high technology motion sensor in the MECANIK MO1, helps the battery life to be preserved when the optics are not in use.

Thanks to the light sensor inside, it automatically adjusts the brightness of the red dot that marks the target. This feature is especially vital for shooters working in environments with different light intensities. MECANIK MO1 Tactical Micro-Optic Reflex Sight has 3 MOA red dot, which is the ideal dot size for special operation units operating intensively in urban warfare, using CQB/CQC tactics. MECANIK MO1 has co-witness feature thanks to its low-profile structure.

We are proud to give you the most efficient, reliable and rugged electronic sighting system in the world.

Welcome to the superior way of doing things with MECANIK.

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