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Aimpro R/290 Red Dot Sight | High-Performance Optics for Glock & CAA MCK

Aimpro R/290 Red Dot Sight | High-Performance Optics for Glock & CAA MCK

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The Aimpro R/290 Red Dot Sight is specifically designed for the CAA "Roni" carbine conversion for Glock "Safe Action" pistols. Featuring a 33mm objective aperture, this optic provides a wide field of view essential for CQC (close quarters combat) scenarios. Its adjustable reticle size, ranging from 4 MOA to 5 MOA, allows for precise aiming and seamless transition between roles. The ability to co-witness with CAA MCK flip-up sights offers added redundancy, crucial for weapon systems relied upon in critical situations. Enhance your shooting accuracy with the Aimpro R/290, the ideal red dot sight for your tactical needs.

**Key Features:**
- Wide 33mm objective aperture for enhanced field of view.
- Adjustable reticle size (4 MOA to 5 MOA) for precision shooting.
- CAA MCK co-witnessing capability for increased redundancy.
- Perfect for CQC and tactical applications.
- Compatible with Glock "Safe Action" pistols and CAA "Roni" carbine conversion kits.

Shop now to experience high-performance optics designed for reliability and accuracy in the field.

Roni Red Dot or Green Dot: Which is Best?

The Aimpro Red Dot DCQR offers the best of both worlds with its Red and Green dot options. Many gun enthusiasts debate which dot color is more suitable for a gunsight. Should you prioritize target acquisition times or low light vision capability? Unfortunately, the research is often contradictory.

Red vs. Green Dot: What the Science Says

Physiologically, our human eyes see colors differently. Our long cones are sensitive to red, while both long and medium cones are more responsive to green. In fact, our eyes see more shades, depth, and vibrance of green than any other color. Green seems to be our color, as our brains react faster and process it more efficiently.

But does that mean green is the best choice for your optic? Why don’t you be the judge? With the Aimpro Red Dot, you can select either the red or green reticle based on your preference.

Aimpro Red Dot Features:

  • Dual Color Option: Switch between red and green dots based on your needs.
  • Target Acquisition: Choose the color that helps you acquire targets faster.
  • Low Light Performance: Optimize your sight for low light conditions with the best color option.

Explore the Aimpro Red Dot and other top-quality optics. Whether you prefer the red or green dot, we have the perfect sight for your needs. Enhance your shooting accuracy and performance with Aimpro.

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